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Amber Thompson - 2024 Motion Reel

Amber Thompson - 2024 Motion Reel

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2023 Motion Reel

2023 Motion Reel

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Featured Work
Amber Thompson (Ambear) is a mixed media artist with a focus in filmmaking and video production. Amber is a skilled video director, editor, animator, and digital artist. Her video work varies from music videos, narrative storytelling, and commercials. 

The visionary bridge between your idea and the screen. 

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Denver, Colorado



Josh Emerick, Director of Photography

"Working with Amber has been fulfilling in a few aspects. Still, at the core, her ability to build a relationship with her creative partners and get everyone excited about the idea has made her a great fit on my team as well as when she's brought me into her productions. She breaks the norm in an industry that can feel more like crabs in a barrel with her great attitude, outlook, and dedication to the creative process. 


When I look at the best teams, it's full of eager people to be there, care about the art at hand and see further than themselves. Amber does this naturally, making it easy to say yes to a job on her team and vice versa. As a DP, I love when a visionary gives me the freedom to translate an idea into light and motion but firm enough to reel me in when it's outside the creative scope. This "give and take" makes for the best projects."

Josh Emerick

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Annie Kuhn, Video Production Specialist

"I have had the chance to work with Amber on a number of video shoots and she is such a blast to collaborate with. Her optimistic energy and charisma are honestly contagious and make everyone on set feel more at ease. She makes every video shoot so colorful and full of life! You can tell she grew up as either a very talented writer or a natural storyteller because her work is deeply poetic and meaningful. I think she will thrive as a director because of this.


She has a great technical understanding of camera gear, but more importantly, she knows how to use cinematography to her advantage to really convey the perspective of the characters in her work. There are so many videographers out there in the world, but she has such a genuine love for her work that it has always set her apart from others in this industry. Her passion radiates through everything she makes and always ends up becoming uniquely her own style.

I can say from firsthand experience that as a director specifically, she is super organized and knows how to operate a large crew efficiently which is nothing to underestimate. Her video shoots always operate smoothly and efficiently due to her organization and understanding of the production process. If I could work with her more I absolutely would!"

Annie Kuhn


Angela Perley, Musician

"Amber effortlessly brought my music video vision to life and made me feel super comfortable during the whole filming process. She’s a pro at what she does and gave new depth and life to my song with her art direction on my video."


"Amber’s got an instinctual eye and talent for film and I was so grateful to work with her on my music video for “Don’t Look Back Mary.” She went above and beyond in her communication with me throughout the process and gave me great teaser content in various forms for different social media platforms as well which made releasing the video really exciting and stress free."


Angela Perley 

Angela Perley's work:



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Logan Floyd, Director of Photography

"The excitement that Amber brings to her work is contagious! As a cinematographer, I look to have a collaboration with a director that will foster improvisation, being in the moment, and creativity while also holding to a strong vision and plan. Amber puts everything she has into her work. From the pre-production stage, all the way to postproduction Amber will do whatever is right for the vision while also not being afraid to try new things. 


I have had the honor and privilege to work with Amber Thompson both on and off set. Her go-getter attitude makes anything feel possible. I also found it refreshing to work with a director that is so comfortable talking the language of lighting and camera. I felt confident that we could speak a language together and talk about a joint vision. 


If you have the chance to work with Amber Thompson, take it. You will never stop laughing and always feel that you are in a safe space to push yourself creatively." 

Logan Floyd

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Music Video Collaboration: 


Music Video Collaboration: 

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